Slimline­™ - 1.75" 11mm

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  • 1990-2006 Softail Models
  • Designed to fit, engineered to last. Rivera Primo performance and aftermarket parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles
  • Rivera Primo - American made pro clutches, belt drives and other custom parts for V-Twin motorcycles – Whatever it takes to keep your V-Twin bike on the road!
  • Attention: Open belt drives are
    designed for off-road, custom or
    racing purposes only. The purchase
    of a Primo ® belt drive constitutes
    an express & implied agreement by
    the customer that said belt drive will
    only be installed & operated with
    all prudent & necessary safety
    equipment such as belt guards
    & belt shrouds. Primo ® belt
    drives is not responsible
    for any consequential or
    incidental damage arising
    from the installation and/or
    operation of any belt drive or
    related accessories! The belt
    drives are sold as complete belt
    drive/motor plate kits only!