BRUTE IV Extreme™ - 3" Open 8mm

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3” Wide, 8mm belt drive kits provides more for less. Here’s a complete package with all the trimmings, priced to sell!

The Brute lV Extreme™ features a fully polished ONE-PIECE Motor Plate with bolt-on component pieces. This plate has built-in provisions for optional oil filter mounting as well as mid-control shifting.

The front & rear pulleys come with bolt-on polished Stainless flanges. In addition, there’ s an all-new starter assembly concealing the jackshaft components.

The outer belt guard is made from 3/8” thick billet aluminum, then Fully polished.

Finally, there’s our Pro-Clutch™ for maximum engagement.

Fits 1990-present Evo & Twin Cam models . Available in black matte finish.

  • Attention: Open belt drives are designed for off-road, custom or racing purposes only. The purchase of a Primo Belt drive constitutes an express & implied agreement by the customer that said belt drive will only be installed & operated with all prudent & necessary safety equipment such as belt guards & belt shrouds. Primo Belt Drives is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damage arising
    from the installation and/or operation of any belt drive or related accessories! The Belt Drives are sold as complete belt drive/motor plate kits only!