Pro Clutch PC-1298-CA Install

Pro Clutch PC-1298-CA Install



The Pro-Clutch performance clutch and hub is a direct replacement product," said Ben. "It fits all 1998-2006 Evo and Twin Cam big twins, except 2006 Dyna Models, and uses our PC-5-A replacement clutch pack."


When performing work on any motorcycle, and prior to starting this installation disconnect BOTH battery cables. If the motorcycle is on a lift, fasten the motorcycle securely to prevent it from falling. Read and become familiar with the Pro-Clutch instructions before starting. A hydraulic press was required to remove the OEM clutch hub and install the Rivera Engineering Pro-Clutch hub. For safety use only the proper tools for a given task and wear eye protection


Step 1:
As you disassemble the Pro-Clutch prior to installation, keep the clutch plates in exactly the same sequence as shipped. The clutch plates must be re-installed in exactly the same order. Drain the primary lubricant from the chain-case, and remove the outer primary cover. Loosen the primary chain adjuster and remove the OEM clutch basket and all of the OEM clutch components.



Step 2:
Remove the snap ring from the rear of the OEM clutch hub using the appropriate snap-ring tool. ALWAYS wear eye protection during this procedure.
Step 3:
Using a hydraulic press remove the OEM clutch hub from the clutch basket! Firmly support the OEM clutch bearing as shown during this operation. After pressing the hub out, check the bearing for smoothness by rotating the clutch basket while holding the inner bearing race. If the bearing feels rough or binds, it must be replaced.
This shot demonstrates the difference in the functioning clutches. Look at the size of the clutch working surface of the Rivera clutch over the stock unit. Incredible.
Step 4:
Using the press, install the Rivera Engineering Pro-Clutch hub into the OEM clutch basket. Securely support the INNER bearing races during this process. Carefully bottom the Pro- Clutch hub in the OEM basket. After pressing in the Pro-Clutch hub, check the bearing for smoothness again!
Step 5:
Install the snap ring onto the rear of the Pro-Clutch hub as shown. Make sure the snap ring is correctly installed into the snap-ring groove.
Step 6:
Thoroughly wipe down the primary case & components to remove the OEM lubricant. Re-install the clutch basket into the primary case with chain & associated components. Dextron ATF is recommended as the primary lubricant for use with Pro-Clutch units.


Step 6A:
Put two drops of blue thread lock on the transmission main shaft prior to installing the clutch hub nut. Tighten the clutch hub nut using the factory torque specifications (50-60 ft/lbs of torque for 86-89 models, or 70-80 foot pounds for 90 & later models) indicated by your original equipment service manual.
Step 7:
Soak friction discs in Dextron III ATF (wipe away excess before installation) lubricant for a minute prior to installation. Install steel & friction clutch plates exactly as they were shipped. Install the .120-inch steel plate first, then friction, alternating until all are installed. Never install two friction or two steel plates together.
Step 8:
Generously dab some quality anti-seize on the stud threads of the Pro-Clutch hub!
Step 9:
Install the pressure plate as shown! Use your OEM adjuster screw!
The Rivera Pro-Clutch PC1100-C requires that the clutch hub nut spacer (PC-215) be installed with the big-end towards the transmission as shown. Install the pressure plate!
Step 10:
The diaphragm spring & spring retainer is installed next. (spring retainer goes beveled side in). Tighten the shouldered nuts equally (cross pattern) until they bottom.
Step 11:
Adjust the clutch as you would normally using the center bolt adjuster.
Step 12:
Check and adjust primary chain tension as needed. Re-install the outer primary cover using a new gasket, and fill the chain case with Dextron III ATF to the bottom of the ring gear.
Re-install the outer primary cover. Fill with ATF, go riding! Adjust chain tension.
As delivered, the Pro-Clutch clutch-pack requires no adjustment, having been set at the factory. After the Pro-Clutch has accumulated significant mileage, it may require some adjustment due to normal wear. Use the procedures outlined below if & when adjustment is required. For best performance, the diaphragm spring MUST be compressed to within .010"-.020" of being flat when the shouldered spring retainer nuts have been properly tightened (bottomed)! This will provide maximum spring pressure to the clutch pack, with minimum hand effort at the handlebar! Three clutch springs are available: A stock replacement spring (black in color), a medium spring for street performance (silver in color), and a competition spring (gold in color) for drag race only applications.
To prevent transmission oil from leaking through the transmission main-shaft when installing the Pro-Clutch in a pre-Evo belt drive system (PC-1000), Rivera provides this unique sealed clutch hub nut & adjuster bolt. This nut & adjuster bolt combination is a direct replacement for the OEM components and is delivered with all pre-Evo Pro-Clutches.