High Tech LED Headlamp

With the Rivera Primo LED combo, a rider can see better at night and be seen better by other riders and drivers. The easy plug and go installation mean virtually anybody can install and adjust the Rivera Primo headlight using common hand tools. The headlight is manufactured from shock resistant glass compound and will fit virtually any 7 inch in diameter headlight application. Optimal illumination in front of the motorcycle vastly improves the nighttime visibility for the rider and improves daytime awareness off the motorcycle for other vehicles. Channeled reflector technology directs the LED headlight beam onto the road surface. LED technology means reduced heat generation and lower current draw than a conventional incandescent head. The CRT (directed reflector Technology also reduced glare for oncoming drivers.
Fitment Note: Installing this high tech headlight requires the use of a style mounting ring OEM part # 67732-08.
Rivera Primo’s channeled reflector technology as implemented in their headlamp for Harley-Davidson is put to good use for safe night riding.
Installation requires the removal of the three screws holding the headlight ring in place and removal of the ring itself.
Loosen and remove the three stock headlamp bulb retainer screws as shown. Then remove the OEM headlamp. Unplug the lamp from the wiring harness.
Thread the black turn signal wires from the Rivera Primo LED headlamp into to fairing and plug the lamp into the wiring harness.
Install the Rivera Primo headlamp into position and use the three OE screws to hold it in position.
Loosen and remove the hardware attaching the out fairing to the inner fairing, then dismount the outer fairing for access to the turn signal wiring. Unplug the headlamp again.
Unplug the OEM wire leads to the stock turn signal system. Loosen the hardware and dismount the turn signal bracket and lights.
The stock turn signal plugs were rewired to accept the Rivera Primo turn signal wires and then plugged into the wiring harness. The headlamp is then plugged back into the hardness.
The outer fairing is now re-installed along with the windshield and related hardware.
Last but not least install the beauty ring over the new Rivera Primo LED headlamp using the three stock screws to hold it in place.
The adjustment screw locations are as pictured. Typically the headlight will be correctly aligned if the original was correctly aligned. Only a short night time ride will tell.
Low beam is on top, high beam is on the bottom. This is Channeled Reflector Technology at work for your safety.
For all further information or to order your very own Rivera Primo LED headlamp with Channeled Reflector Technology see your local dear or contact Rivera Primo