Belt Drive Kits

Why a Belt Drive ?
There are a few ways to look at belt drives and the obvious benefits gained by running one on your motorcycle.

If your bike is a factory model with the OEM primary driveline, your conversion to a Primo setup is a relatively simple one. Replacing the stock primary pieces with precision-machined components, strong belts and a power-holding clutch assemblies will make you wonder why you waited so long to do this!

Then there’s the issue of weight. Removing the stock chain-drive components and replacing them with a Belt Drive Kit will substantially reduce weight. That, in & of itself, is a big-time consideration in light of the fact that the less the rotating mass, the quicker your bike will accelerate.

If you’re building a ground-up custom, then you’ve come to the right place .
Over 40 years of experience has resulted in the most extensive line of belt drives, components, billet covers, guards & shrouds. Besides the basic benefits detailed above, you now have access to a new market segment in which the open belt drive concept has evolved into an appearance-grabber too. No longer is the left-side of your motorcycle the “other side.” Rather it has become as important as the right side. By introducing kits with special offsets, Primo® has allowed you to create a Bigger & Badder motorcycle.